Instead of constantly worrying and being disappointed in myself when I don't accomplish something, I have decided to take that angst and turn it into a "To-Do List" or more like a "Personal Goals" type thing. So the goals for myself are to make myself a stronger/better person. They are tangible goals that should be … Continue reading #GoalDigger

Hard Day

So I have my first appointment with a mental health counselor this afternoon. I am trying mental health services over the internet for right now because the field of mental health, at least in my area, sucks ass. Appointments are very far into the future (months out) and they're only during business hours. Which I … Continue reading Hard Day


I am super excited because I was allowed to move my start date for Graduate School to the Summer instead of the Fall so I'll be starting my program about 3 months early. The only thing we are waiting on now is a registration release and that is because Summer registration is Closed so the … Continue reading excitement