Am I really a different person? Is the me everyone used to know dead?

I have been told time and time again by, let's just call him Bob so he stays anonymous, that I am not the person he met. That I am a completely different person and he wishes I used to be that person again. Unfortunately, I don't know who that person was that I used to … Continue reading Am I really a different person? Is the me everyone used to know dead?


So remember how I told you that my sister was living with me? Well today, after constantly warning her ever since she moved in, I had to kick her out. And she had the audacity to tell me that her friends were going to come over to my house and help her get her stuff. … Continue reading Stress


Well, it looks like I never followed up about whether or not I liked using BetterHelp for counseling or not. And the short answer is "No, I do not like it". Although, I think that the concept is good, I did not personally enjoy my session with my counselor. It seemed way too informal to … Continue reading Time


It's been about 4 days without drugs or alcohol. I had a brief 1 day relapsed where I took some anxiety medication and had a glass of wine while I took a bubble bath but now I am completely out of my "medication" which makes it easier for me to not use it (because I … Continue reading entitled


I have made the conscious decision to stop drinking all alcohol and to stop abusing all medications, even OTC medications. I have been spiraling and spiraling and the worst just keeps making the worst, worse. I used to not have so much anxiety until I started abusing my anxiety medications in an attempt to not … Continue reading decisions