Alaina’s Bucket List

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Alaina’s 2018 Bucket List:

  • Read 15 Books
    • Secrets of the Best Run Practices 01/2018
    • Beautiful Creatures 05/2018
    • The Visitor 06/2018
    • Outlander 03/2018
    • Dragonfly in Amber 03/2018
    • Voyager 04/2018
    • The Purpose Driven Life 02/2018
    • The Trouble With Magic 6/2018
  • Start Graduate School 08/2018
  • Lose Weight (no expectation made simply due to wanting to be more body positive rather than focus on a number) – lost 7 lbs & counting 6/2018
  • Become more Active
  • Visit an Old Friend 8/2018
  • Travel More 8/2018
  • Publish a Book


I don’t have too many things that I want to do in 2018 simply because I don’t want to set the expectation that I have to do something in order to be happy or successful for the 2018 year. I wanted to focus more on a few tangible goals rather than load myself up with a list that I would probably not end up achieving. Conclusion = Realism.