Well half of September is going to be busy and the other half of it is going to be dead. I just realized this today after checking our schedule at work. The reason for the drastic difference in traffic is because my provider is going on vacation again so a week before he leaves, we are cramming people in to see him… Then he is gone for two weeks… Then the week after he gets back, we are cramming more people in to to see him.

Just to give you an idea of how much more busy it is going to be is this. We see anywhere from 6-9 patients on a normal day. A slow day, we see maybe 1-2 patients. So before and after vacation, we are going to be seeing anywhere from 15-18 patients in a day. Just so you know, that is literally the most patients that I will be seeing since I’ve worked in this clinic but not the most that I’ve seen in a clinic. I think the most patients that I have ever seen in a clinic was 31 and that was at a very busy OB/GYN office (my previous job). Of course, those appointments were only 5-15 minutes long whereas the appointments in my current office are 30 minutes to an hour long.

Anyway, I am excited about this weekend because it’s a 3 days weekend but I am dreading the next week since that is when our busy schedule starts.All these changes on top of just starting graduate school.

Then, on top of that, our whole clinic schedule is changing come October 1st to where we see patients later in the day (which essentially means, we will be seeing more patients).

In other news, my graduate school is going okay so far. Of course, I’ve only gone to 1 class each so I can’t really tell you how its “going” yet. For all I know, it could be absolutely horrible. But we’ll see.