We are officially poor

2 weeks before graduate school starts and we are officially poor. We have about $300.00 to live off of for about a week (this being after bills are paid) and we get paid again only about $600.00 only for more bills to come out and be left with about $200 to live off of.

My cats need more cat litter and I haven’t been able to give them even that. We just can’t spare the expense right now so they are forced to use the bathroom in clean, but barren, catboxes.

Our food consists of a lot of sandwhiches. Peanut Butter and Jelly or just bread and butter. There are a lot of ramden noodles and cans of soup too. We just don’t have the means to buy groceries right now.

We literally have to go three weeks in purgatory until, hopefully, my school refund check comes in and we will be okay again. But these next three weeks are going to be very hard and definitely make me appreciate everything that we do have.

One thought on “We are officially poor

  1. I feel for you. I have been in that same situation before and it’s not a very good feeling. If I could’ve you know I would’ve sent you some money to hold you over till then. What we had to do was end up eating one meal a day for a long time if we wanted to at least have a semi decent dinner. I hope everything gets better for you soon.

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