Ebbs & Flow

It’s been a little bit since I posted something of substance on this blog. I wish I could say I’ve been busy but I haven’t really been busy on the scale of having a good excuse. I feel like a lot has happened since my little break.

One would be that we had a pregnancy scare for the month of July. I was exactly five days late when I got my cycle which is quite unusual for me since I run pretty regular. Come to fine out, the antibiotics I was on for my upper respiratory infection, can actually throw off your cycle. Especially if they are pretty strong ones. Which, in my case, is what happened. If only I knew that before I started fantasizing about my baby, the babies room, giving birth, and birth announcements. Since I am already an infertility patient at the local OB/GYN, the sign of my cycle starting was disappointed. But then again, I have been disappointed so much with stuff like that, that it doesn’t seem to really phase me like it used to.

Secondly, my husband and I joined a new gym because we just got fed up with Planet Fitness and their stupid need for political correctness. It always left like people were watching you working out at the gym and you would catch people actually glancing at you from time to time. Plus I was too afraid to go over to the weight section because of all of the body builders. I didn’t want to feel pressured if I was doing something wrong. On top of only really having cardio and weights. Not to mention being crammed into the place like a can of sardines right after work because it was so fucking crowded there.

Well, this new gym has everything we were looking for in a gym and came at a good price at just $33.00 a month for two people. It’s got literally EVERYTHING. Cardio, Weights, Classes (like yoga, cycling, kickboxing, boot camp, aqua running/aerobics, Lap Pool, Warm Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Steam Room, Basketball courts, Racketball courts, and an indoor running track. And it is clean. Like clinically clean. I am actually excited to go to the gym now. We signed up on Saturday and we’ve been every single night since then. I even think my husband is excited to go too.

What I love most about the gym is that they have a very refined weight lifting area so I can workout and tone at the same time. Then they have the running track or the lap pool so I can alternate them if I so choose. Like yesterday, I did weights and then ran around the track while, every lap, stopping to do 10 sit-ups. Tonight, I plan on doing more weights and then going down to the pool to do some laps.

Third, over the last (maybe) two weeks I have not really worked on my grimoire which is really unusual for me because I, at least, try to allocate a little time each night to work on it. I feel bad about it because I want to learn and research but since this new gym routine, things have been out of whack. I know I have three different songs that I want to record in there plus start researching dwarves, goblins, trolls, angels, demons, and malcontents. My herbology section is slowly going but it would be nice to extend it a little bit. Working on my grimoire just makes me feel like I have accomplished something.