Always something to say about everything…

So, as some of you know it’s been really hot here the UK the past couple of weeks. I haven’t wanted to cook in the house because it just gets too hot in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I can’t just open the windows and doors to air out the house when I have 3 cats with the risk of getting out. Fans just blow hot air at you when the room is hot enough as it is. And air conditioning is pretty much one of those things you only get if you can afford it.

So, I thought to myself last week, “lets have a BBQ on a portable charcoal grill.” Ste, of course, was all for it but was sceptical as to whether the food would cook properly or not. I went to the supermarket got some sirloin, pork loin, ribeye, and of course other little things to go with a BBQ. As soon as I got home I got to prepping everything, like cutting the meats very thinly and the sides.

When I decided to start the charcoal, it hit me. We don’t exactly have an accessible backyard for this. So, I’m like screw it, lets just do it in the drive in the shade. Next thing I know the lady next door comes out and starts whining how we need to put out that charcoal and get rid of it because there’s smoke everywhere! The damn thing wasn’t anywhere near “her side” of the drive and definitely was not blowing smoke into her house. We kept telling her how we’re about to have a small BBQ and she just walked off in a huff for a moment and slammed her door. She then called a relative of hers to basically come “deal” with it.

Just as I was about to bring the food out to cook, I could hear Ste talking to the guy she called over and he’s basically spouting out something about we better not be throwing it out in her bin. To shut him up I brought the food out and he was like, “oh you’re having a BBQ.” I explained that we were trying to tell them both this the whole time. When the lady overheard she shouted out loud enough to try and get other people’s attention, “YOU’RE having a BBQ in the DRIVE!?” like it was something completely forbidden.

This isn’t the first time she’s had something to say though. There have been times were we would be doing spring cleaning or cleaning in general, clearing up anything that’s just taking up space in the house. We’d throw it in the drive to take to the skip the next day and she would be making such a scene about how “that better not stay there,” “you’d better be getting rid of that,” “it’s such an eyesore,” anything and everything she could think of. At this point I just don’t give a crap about what she has to say but when it starts to interfere with how we do things then I have no choice but to try and get her to shut up.

I know it’s not right to get into arguments with your elders but seriously, what we do is our business, not anyone else’s. All I have to say now, is don’t be one of those people who has something to say about everything that isn’t really your business.