Rosemary & Cream Ritual Bath

  • Rosemary
  • Rosemary essential oil (5-10 drops)
  • Cream
  • Honey
  • Salt (Pink, White or Black depending on your needs)
  • 3 eggs (uncooked) optional

Apply yellow part of egg to hair and leave egg white portion to put on face. Leave yellow on hair for five minutes. Leave egg white on until dry. Suggest doing these two things together so it will be easier to wash off.

Use deep conditioner after to moisturize hair because your hair will be very clean feeling/stripped after you clean if with egg yoke.

Add rosemary, essential oil, honey and salt to running warm/hot bath water.

Enjoy per usual.

To say incantation during bath:

With the running water of this bath, may my sins be carried away.

Salt & rosemary of the waters, cleanse my body and give me clarity.

Oils of the bath, wash over me, allow me to have clarity to see the things my eyes cannot see.

With the egg, offer me new opportunities in the future that will be of benefit to me.

With the honey, sweeten my attitude towards others.

With all of these ingredients, so mote it be.