Reset, Rewind Again


In yet another reset, we find out that I do not enjoy sleeping in a basement whether it is finished or not. No matter how much I clean down there, it still manages to be too humid and dirty feeling for me to really enjoy myself in my space.

So, I am turning the downstairs “loft/flat/apartment” space back into a “secondary guest room” or rather a spiritual space where my alter and other practitioner stuff will live since we just don’t have the room for it upstairs on the main level of the house.

The cats will still continue to live downstairs in our sun-lit 100% finished basement because they need their own area away from the torment of the dogs. Household responsibilities have changed though, with me now being responsible for cleaning the basement area and for Josh cleaning the main level. We will take turns on dishes if we end of cooking and then be responsible for cleaning our own stuff after that.

All of this is in an effort to make responsibilities more equal in our household as well as hold each individual accountable if they don’t hold up their end of the deal. If we start now managing our household, the responsible way, then it will be habit by the time my graduate program starts in the Fall (August 2018).


In other news, Jasper the cat seems to be mixing in well with my other two cats. They are at the stage of contently tolerating him now at this point. They like to sit and watch him entertain himself with shoestrings and other such stuff that he finds to play with. He has taken over a chair by the stairs which is this really deep mid-century modern type leather chair covered with a cotton Mexican blanket. I think he enjoys this chair 1) because it’s close to the door 2) he can see the entire basement from his vantage point 3) its squishy and big and 4) because of the cotton blanket, it is the least hot but also pretty cool on his furry butt too. Most of the chairs/couches downstairs have blankets on them to make them for comfy for the cats. Our entire basement has tiled floors, in case they do end of getting too hot; they can always spread out of the cool floor.


On a spiritual level, I have been learning a lot by consistently reading and participating on a few social media websites. In short, I’ve been staying engaged. I’ve already got a good collection of herbs and crystals – have my alter set up – and have been writing in my Book of Shadows. So far, I’ve got about only 2 spells that I have written myself and some pages on information I have gathered from online (like regarding auras and such).

I’ve collected a magnolia branch and a mulberry branch for spiritual purposes as well as some red clover and black salt. In my arsenal of herbs I purchased a few: lavender, rosebuds, mugwort, sage (regular), sage (white), cloves, rosemary, ginger, frankincense, myrrh, and hibiscus. I won’t name off all of the crystals that I have because I have quite a few that I don’t even know what they are (they were inherited).

I have decided to practice the Celtic discipline of Wicca and specialize in (you guessed it) herbalism. Which explains why my herb collection is respectable (and still growing). I really like where I live because they have a lot of people like me in the community since the “downtown” area is mostly the artsy/hipster crowd. Or there are generations of hippies here too so we, thankfully, have a pretty big congregation of Unitarian Universalists here for the people who would prefer to practice with others. For me, I like practicing by myself but I also enjoy the option of being able to practice as part of a group as well, you know, to ask questions and to just (overall) meet new people.

Anyway, that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures on this post that I’ve included.