Three cats, Three Loves

And so our house is now full of animals/pets with two dogs and three cats (and another “cousin cat” that is staying with us temporarily) makes SIX animals in the house and only two humans.

This past Friday, I adopted a three month old black poly-dactyl cat with yellow/green eyes that was originally named Maxwell but has since been renamed Jasper. Already, Jasper is playing and snuggling with the other cats which all live in our 100% finished sun-lit basement with me. At first, of course, things were a little rocky but that’s how it is with cats. I’ve never known a new cat to come into a hoard of other cats and them be 100% okay with it at first. They always end up hissing and aggressively meowing at each other which was the case with our new Jasper this time around. But only two days in and Jasper is giving my other cat, Tesla, kisses and they’re playing with each other. He’s given Whisper, my female cat, loving as well and she has tolerated it.

I guess I should go into detail about my cats like a crazy cat lady that I am.

  • 1) Whisper – female – beige and white tabby that is about 9 years old. She’s our oldest cat that we have had since 2009.
  • 2) Tesla – male – orange and white long haired Persian that is about 5 years old that we have had since 2013 (my unofficial favorite cat).
  • 3) Oliver or “Ollie” – male – is our “cousin cat” that is actually my sisters cat who is staying with us until she can take him again. Ollie is about 10 years old and is a black, brown, and white tabby cat.
  • And, finally, 4) Jasper – male – black tabby with extra toes and is only 3 months old.

The reason I am sharing this information is that even with all of the cats that we have, it is just extra love to give and receive. And I’m not really a cat hoarder since Ollie is just staying with us temporarily. Technically, I only have three cats.


My new baby, Jasper

Our living situation is definitely an unorthodox one. We have a one story house which has a sun-lit basement (that means the basement has a bunch of windows). And the basement is 100% finished which means that it’s just like an extension of the house instead of it being a gross traditional basement with exposed beams and pipes. Our basement has drywall and plaster ceilings with recessed lighting throughout and a dry bar where we have a fridge, coffee maker (of course), microwave, and a “hot plate” for cooking. So, it’s like our basement is like a little one bedroom apartment. It’s where my sister was staying when she was living with us and now it’s my little one bedroom apartment. It includes the dry bar, a living room, dining area, laundry room, 1 bedroom with built-in closet space, and “bonus room” where we store winter clothes and holiday items (like a Christmas tree and Christmas lights).

So, anyway, the living situation is unorthodox.

I stay downstairs with the cats while my husband stays upstairs with the dogs. I am responsible for the cats and my space while Josh (my husband) is responsible for his space and, obviously, the dogs.

I made it this way while my husband was at military training simply because I was tired of cleaning up after him and the dogs on top of cleaning up after the cats. I figured with everything that is going on, I shouldn’t have to be responsible for the entire house (on top of going to graduate school and working). You see, because my husband doesn’t do anything around the house unless you specifically ask him to. Which, I know, is pretty ridiculous in the year of 2018 because he is a freaking adult who works and owns the home just as much as I do… But somehow, all the housework – cooking – cleaning – all falls to me. At least, it used to. Now I’ve changed it. This way it will make it way more obvious who is the cleaner one in the house. I’ve even separated the kitchen sink into being 1 side mine, 1 side his. The best part is that my husband doesn’t even know that I’ve rigged this “system” to do exactly what I just said. Hold each person accountable for cleaning and taking care of the pets. It’s like I’ve subliminally set up a tracking system.

I know, I’m brilliant.