Frustrations After Shaving (Rant)

I was in the shower shaving and was happy that my legs were so silky soft. No problems there. So, I’m chilling in bed, reading a book, when all of a sudden I get a chill and goosebumps come up…. That’s the moment when I reach down to rub my legs to warm them up a bit and realize that my legs are slightly prickly again…. I get frustrated that my legs do not stay silky soft for more than a day and think to myself what was the point of shaving if that was only going to happen. What’s worse is that I have really dark hair so it’s more noticeable on my beige skin.

I will admit that at moments like that I don’t bother shaving for a couple of weeks, yes, yes, I know “gross.” I don’t care what anyone thinks at this point, it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone as it is and it’s not like I wear shorts or skirts. My reasons for shaving is like everyone else’s, you want to feel good about yourself and look clean. But, it’s a really big let down when you have thick dark hair as it is and all that effort goes to waste in the matter of minutes or hours just because of a small chill.

Some of you might recommend waxing them. Well I’ve tried that but I’m not going at doing it on my own that I end up missing spots which frustrates me even more. “Why not get it done at a beauty room?” Well, if money wasn’t an issue I’d be all for it. Point is, I’d just love to be able to go even a couple of days without having to worry about my legs getting all prickly and feeling self conscious about it.

2 thoughts on “Frustrations After Shaving (Rant)

  1. I’m the same way. Today, I wore some capris and only shaved enough to not have hairy legs showing out of my capris. The rest of the legs are still hairy LMAO but in the summer I definitely shave more than in the winter (where I shave maybe once).

    • LOL EXACTLY! But once again it’s more noticeable on my damn skin >.< I just wish I could have lighter hair so I wouldn't feel so damn self conscious about it!

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