Magic in the Air

One good thing about experiencing a “spiritual awakening” is that it brings magic into your life. What do you do when you live a dull existence and nothing ever exciting really happens? You add some magic. And that is what I have done.

I have been pagan for an entire week so far and have spent many hours doing research and watching YouTube videos on the subject. I’ve decided on a “church” after experimenting for so long and I have decided on a new “home” for myself without even leaving the shelter of the home I own. In short, it’s amazing what a little change in the mundane will do to excite you towards life again. You don’t want to be bored? Well, go out and create magic. You don’t want to be lonely? Well go out and find people like yourself. The power is in your hands, literally.

Tonight when I get off of work, I am going to start building my new sanctuary. Which basically just includes me moving all of my precious items downstairs to our sun-lit basement. You see it’s not solely a basement but more of a little studio/loft area so there is a bar, separate living area, and bedroom down there. Essentially, it’s like a whole other house down there. Well, I’m going to make it my home. I figure my husband can have the main level and I will have the basement. Like, I said in the post from last night, my husband will be able to visit me downstairs whenever he wants so its not like its going to be completely closed off to him or anything. I just can’t stand all the dog fur everywhere anymore. So I’m trading it for cat fur. I’m more of a cat person any way. I just need a “break” from my dogs.

I’ve already got a place situated where I want to put my altar and I’ve got some tapestry ordered as well as some black bed sheets.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that I am excited for this to happen. It’s like a total revamp of my life and my dwellings. So, yeah, I am excited.