Here We Go Again

Well my sister is moved out. And she is to get the rest of her stuff on Saturday which is all of two boxes she didn’t get today for some reason (I guess because they wouldn’t fit in her car).

It might just be the restorative yoga that I just got out of or the simple fact that I just feel pretty good right now but I feel like kicking my sister out of my house was the best decision.

When she came to get her stuff today it almost seemed like she knew that to be the case too. She was very cordial and nice and even gave me a hug and told me that she loved me which I definitely was not expecting. I was expecting full drama, blaming me, casting me in an evil light… Just total drama fest. I’m glad to say that that wasn’t the case at all. It was actually really good. She handled the situation like a mature adult which was surprising to say the least.

The only thing now besides the two boxes she “forgot” is the fact that, where she moved, doesn’t allow cats so her cat is staying with us until she can find another place that does allow cats. So me and my cats (2) are calling this other cat, “cousin cat” because he’s just staying with us temporarily, and he kind of is their cousin. I don’t mind because it’s not the cats fault that my sister had to move out so I don’t think that the cat should be punished because of something that my sister did. I am more than happy to watch her cat and take care of it while she figures her shit out.

And on that note (of cats) I put in an application to adopt a sweet baby boy (a black cat) today at a local animal shelter. They said the application looks really good but because the cat was so special and so sought after that I would have to go through a double application process and it would have to be approved by multiple people before they let me actually adopt the cat. You see, the cat is fully black with green eyes but what makes him special is that he is a “Hemingway” which means he has an extra set of toes and those extra set of toes is what makes them special and highly sought after. They said, also, that the person that was fostering him before he went to the shelter got extremely attached to him so they were looking for a very specific person to adopt him out to.

I don’t know what that means but I put in the application, so we will see what happens. If approved I will have three cats in my household plus one “cousin cat” that is temporarily living with us. Side note, if the foster lady got so attached to him and “made a connection” then why is the cat even in the shelter. Just adopt him. Like, that makes no sense to me.

Since my sister moved out of our basement, I have decided to move down there and make that my own little private witchy area where I can practice my craft around my familiar cats. And not be bothered by the dogs or my husband… not that I mind my husband, it’s just that sometimes he gets annoying and sometimes he’s clingy. In short, I like my personal space. So it would be like I live in my own apartment except I’m still living under the same roof as my husband. I just have that extra special space that I can call my own. I plan on decorating it all in black satins and deep purple’s… and just totally giving it a magical/witchy vibe. I’m going to put my alter down there too, and I’ll have a lot of extra space to be able to practice rituals and such. And, hey, I’ll even have extra room to do yoga and any other miscellaneous exercise type stuff that I want to do in the privacy of my own space. That way I don’t have to worry about bothering my husband with my stupid shenanigans.

I’m actually pretty excited about this because in a way this is allowing me to start over in a new space and really make it my own. Because when you share a house with somebody you have to compromise on everything and it doesn’t really feel like it’s your own space. But downstairs, in my sunlight basement, it is like a completely separate house and therefore will be a completely separate space. My husband can still come visit me whenever he wants because I’ll just be downstairs. Another good thing about my own personal spaces is that I won’t have to worry about a bunch of dog hair being everywhere. I also won’t have to worry about cleaning up after somebody else because I will just be responsible for cleaning up after myself. One side of the sink upstairs will be mine and the other side of the sink will be my husbands…

On a separate note, I really miss my husband. I’m tired of him always being gone for military training already…

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Sorry to hear about the trouble she has caused you D;
    I’m honestly surprised when you told me how long you dealt with that situation. I wouldn’t have had the patience and wouldn’t have lasted a week if it were my sister D;

    • I think it lasted so long because she Is my sister. I didn’t want to look crazy of something bothered me so I’d let it go. But it lasted about 3 months until I couldn’t take it anymore.

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