Worthy Finds on Side Streets

Last week I wanted to go eat out somewhere for my birthday and I was sad that the place I normally go to for my birthday was removed from the Tesco Clubcard Partners list. As you probably know, every time you shop at Tesco you collect points which you can convert every quarter into vouchers. So normally by the end of the quarter when the vouchers are distributed, I have enough to convert into restaurant vouchers to pretty much have a free meal.

Anyway, back on topic, since I couldn’t go to my favorite place, I decided to look around for somewhere else to eat and typed in “restaurants” on Google just to see what was around. One place caught my eye because I’ve heard my parents talk about going to a rodizio before. I’ve never been to one before so I called up my mom asking her about it just to make sure I was thinking of the same thing. So, seeing as the price was £18.95 per person, I was a bit iffy about it, but I also saw on the front page of their site that on Wednesday’s it’s £14.95. When I looked at where it was located I was stunned that it was literally on a side street we drive by when picking up take out. I told Ste about it and he said, “I thought that was a bingo hall or something.” I honestly thought it was a club so I never bothered looking it up.

After telling Ste where I wanted to go on Wednesday, we ended up going to this place. When we got there it was actually a cocktail lounge and restaurant, so it was no wonder we thought it was a club. The interior was amazing compared to a lot of places we’ve been to around this town. As we sat down the waitress explained to us how it works. They had a salad and hot foods bar with a lot of different options and really well organized, but once your ready you sit down, on the table is a round card with one side being red and one side being green. There is a constant stream of staff moving around tables serving meats. When the green side is up they ask if you want that specific meat or chicken they’re going around serving and they keep rotating the meat selection as the night goes on, piling your plate with food. When you’re ready to take a break or stop just turn the card over to red and they just skip over your table and move on to the next.

Ste isn’t a meat lover at all, it was only last year I manage to get him to start eating meats here and there. But his whole life all he had ever eaten was chicken. So for him to try this out was going to be a challenge in and of itself. BUT, turns out I had nothing to worry about because everything they served was so good that his comment was, “funny enough, I loved the meats more than the chicken they served, but oh my god that rump they served before was by far my favorite.” We managed to try 9 of 12 meats they served before we got so full and ended up with a major food baby. So, for any of you that have only recently started liking meat, I really suggest trying a rodizio, of course if you can find a discount would be worth it for your first try in case you don’t enjoy it.

Overall, I have now found a place I want to go eat at least once a month that isn’t one to two hours away. Yes, normally when we go out to eat, the places we go to end up being that far away. It’s the downside of living in a town with very limited options of cuisine ranging from literally, Chinese, Indian, and English. Even those so called, Italian, is merely a takeaway pizza place.

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  1. I’ve never had rodizio before either but I think we have a place here called like “Brazilian Cafe” or something. Josh has been so he explained it to me which, to me, a constant stream of meats does not sound all that appealing. However, the selection of what to eat does sound interesting, at least. Glad you had fun & happy belated birthday to you, my dear!

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