Instead of constantly worrying and being disappointed in myself when I don’t accomplish something, I have decided to take that angst and turn it into a “To-Do List” or more like a “Personal Goals” type thing. So the goals for myself are to make myself a stronger/better person. They are tangible goals that should be easy to achieve with minimum stress on myself.

  1. Stop Drinking Alcohol
    • Working in the medical field, I see quite a few people come through with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. Being on medication that is processed through the liver, this is a huge thing for me that I must stop doing. I do not want to end up like some of my patients. It’s also doing more harm than good. Yeah, I may feel “at ease” for a few hours but than it all comes crashing down.
  2. Read more Books
  3. Eat Less Food / Actively Try to lose Weight
    • I’ve gained 20 pounds in a year after losing 8 pounds to enlist in the Army. It took me 3 weeks to lose those 8 pounds and another year to gain it all back plus 20 extra pounds. Not only will eating less make me feel better but it will also allow me to [slowly] start to feel more confident in my own skin.
  4. Be more active
  5. Start a Graduate Program / Start Graduate School
  6. Make some renovations on your house
  7. Travel More
  8. Put your heart & soul in all that you do (even if it seems silly)
    • You’ll get better results and feel better because of it


These goals are all about me attempting to feel better, look better, do better. I don’t want to be some lazy graduate student that does nothing but rack up debt and gain weight. I want to be the master of my fate and the only way to do that, in my opinion, is to take control of my life instead of looking for the next excuse to “get wasted”.

In keeping the conversation going, What are some of your personal goals?