New(ish) beginnings

Something exciting is going to be happening with this blog! I am adding a content writer who will offer another perspective on the world. She will be posting whatever she feel like which could range from reviews, rants, raves, stories, poetry, general journal entries. She is a friend from middle school! I met her in 7th grade and we’ve been friends ever since then.

I thought it would kind of a cool idea to have another person blogging with me, almost like a shared journal. Did you ever have one of those in school? Where you get a composition book and you pass it around to each friend and they each take their turn writing journal entries in it until all of the pages are filled. We passed around a couple composition books back in my day! Most of the pages were full of doodles though and we inevitably got a kink in the hose where one friend didn’t give it back. So, when she accepts the invitation to be an editor, we will officially have 2 content writers!

With that said, the title of the blog may change from “Gypsy Soul : Born to Wander” to “Soul Sisters : Blogging with Friends” or something along those lines. I think we have agreed that the “new” blog will be call “Soul Sisters” on some level. I’m pretty excited because I am going to be rolling out a little mini-shop as well where you can make purchases of some of our items. I’m thinking of making my book of poetry, a coffee cup, and a tote bag some of the first items that I’m going to post for sale in the shop. So it will be a “baby” shop at first. Maybe even make a donate button available for donations of coffee for 2 poor thirsty and tired writers.

Anyway, more posts to follow including an introductory post from my friend in the near future!