Well I posted some of my historical essays so there are a few things now under “H!story with Sa!re” which is just a category that I set up to make things easier to find. I believe, for now, there are 3 things under History and a few more to come. You may have noticed that some of them are dated from 2009 and 2010; essentially, way back in the past. I chose to do that because that is when the articles were originally written and I really wanted to capture that on the blog instead of just posting multiple entries on the same day. Then there is another one that is scheduled to be published in a week.

On another subject, I have been waking up and getting out of bed only to be greeted with painful feet. Like, so painful, that its almost hard to walk around. It only ever happens in the morning. I Googled the issues I was having and something came up as “Planter Fastitias” (I don’t know how to spell that word). I didn’t inquire any further but what I understand is that there is something wrong with the tendons in my foots which could explain why I have been having pain when I stand for too long. You have to wear special in soles and everything when you have the “disorder” with your feet otherwise it would make it extremely painful to walk. Which is where I’m at right now. I can walk but it is painful. Not terrible, but noticeably different. And when I walk or stand for too long, the pain shoots into my thighs. I thought, maybe, that it was varicose veins starting in my legs but with the pain in my feet upon waking; I’m starting to think that it may be something else.