It’s been about 4 days without drugs or alcohol. I had a brief 1 day relapsed where I took some anxiety medication and had a glass of wine while I took a bubble bath but now I am completely out of my “medication” which makes it easier for me to not use it (because I don’t have any) and alcohol has really been tasting awful to me lately. It’s almost as if I don’t “have the stomach” for it anymore. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, every kind is revolving to me now for some reason. Especially wine. Especially tequila.

Yesterday was absolutely crazy at work. We had 10 patients (which is a lot for our office) and the phone would not stop ringing. It was one problem after another. Our office coordinator was even getting a crazy about of phone calls too, and from there she would send quite a few of those phone calls to me to handle. I shouldn’t be complaining though because a “crazy day” for us is getting 10 phone calls routed to me and having an additional 10 patients to see in the office. Like I didn’t room 31 patients in a single day when I worked at OB/GYN or have 150 phone calls in a single day on a Monday in that office.

Today, seems better. My doctor is out of the office today because his wife had a procedure so it’s just me and the nurse practitioner.  We had a whole of 1 patient today (so far) that’s not to say that more won’t be added as emergency cases as the day progresses but, for now, 1 patient is all we have dealt with. 1 patient and 2 phone calls. It’s 11am. That means, that’s about 0.5 patients an hour. Hopefully the rest of the day goes this way. I like days like this. I didn’t use to because it was “boring” but I have grown almost entitled to slow days. Which I know is completely ridiculous.

Then tomorrow, I am going to be out of the office all day to attend a training course at another local hospital. I have to take it because it will help me learn about Advanced Care Plans and Advanced Directives which we deal with a lot in my line of work.

My Graduate program starts on June 11th. I may not be able to attend though because the financial aid office stated that if it’s the summer semester AND less than half-time enrollment, you might not be able to get any aid. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?