In the Works

You know, I think my moods are elevated when its the weekend because I was feeling this same way last weekend. Theres just something about knowing that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Even though I should probably be doing some laundry, the dishes, or ordering my textbook for the summer semester that I am attending.

Eventually, I will start writing my books that have literally been in the works since 1) 2009 and 2) 2017. I have a desire to write them but when it comes to actually putting that into fruition, that’s another story (no pun intended). I think because, to me, the characters are great and all but that seems like an overwhelming task right now. Even though I know I am the only one putting a stipulation on myself when my books should be published. In reality, there is no deadline. I could go as slow as I want (which I have) and still there is no deadline. They only person pressuring me is myself.

One book is a cozy mystery and the other is a horror/action/historical fiction type story. One book, I’m about 30-40 pages into and the other, I am about 100-120 pages into. I just don’t have the “free time” anymore. Even though I haven’t worked at my second job for about two entire weeks and I have done nothing of importance any of the days after work.

What I am saying is, I am clearly procrastinating when I actually have free time. In June, when my graduate program starts, I have no idea how much free time I will have because I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. So why not write now and cover my butt plus make myself feel better than wait until later when I could possibly have no time. I mean, one of the books has been in its “concept” phase since 2009. That’s almost ten years of sitting on the back burner people. I have got to get with the program or abandon it until after retirement. Which may or may not be when I turn 65 with the way things are going in our society. I may have to work until I die. Especially with this graduate program and the amount of debt that I have, I may very well have to work until I die to try to pay off some of my debts.

I’ve clearly got time to write, because here I am “working” on my blog. So why don’t I just switch that over, plug in the old jump drive and get with the program…? Really its all psychology. I am the only one putting pressure on myself. Realistically, this task is non-existent, I mean look at the proof.