graduate school

The people that work at my local university are amazing. I was set to start graduate school in the Fall but I asked my academic advisor if I could start earlier, like in the Summer, and he was like “Sure!”. It took a Day and a half to get everything transferred and switched over so I can start sooner. The only thing, now, that I am waiting on if to be approved to be enrolled in courses. <— That’s because the time to enroll in summer courses is already closed, so they have to get approval (which will hopefully happen). Then I can say, I’m on my way (to getting my parking permit). No wait, then I can say that I’m on my way (to getting my financial aid added for the summer!), No wait, that’s not right either. What I am trying to say is that I’ll be on my way to getting my graduate degree faster! I’ll be one semester ahead of the game and onto being able to get out of these entry level jobs. Even if it is an entry level, management position… It’s not entry level in the sense that the job commonly hires people off the street.

In all realness, I hope to be a compliance manager one day. Like maybe when I’m in my forties. So, that’s quite a bit down the road LOL. But, for now, I will go back to school and get my graduate degree, then get a job in leadership at one of the local hospitals (God willing) then I will do that for the rest of my life; you know, putting out fires, hiring people, fixing mistakes, paperwork, cleaning desks off, putting stuff in filing cabinets. Important stuff.