Eureka Springs, Arkansas


31154201_202061117241974_2795067733701987614_n Once tax season rolls around, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get a little extra cash to do whatever you wish with. That was my case in February. I was working in a toxic work environment, so I was stressed out and needed a getaway. So, I decided to take some of my tax money and go on a weekend trip with one of my friends from work.

We left for our weekend trip Friday night after work on February 23rd, 2018 and I drove 2 hours south to go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas – a town famous for its healing springs, hotels and spas. In short, the perfect destination for a weekend spa trip.

Eureka Springs has a personality of its own with many buildings dating back to the early 19th century (that’s the early 1800s for any of you that aren’t saavy with history).

The trip was doomed from start. Friday night, after both me and my traveling companion got off work, we drove down to this town in the pouring rain and thunderstorms. We barely made it, winding down the old country roads that twist and turn on the edges of some shady af wooded cliffs drops. Thankfully, we made it there safely, if not a little damp from all of the moisture in the air. It would have been around 7:30p by the time we got to our hotel. First off, Google Maps will lead you astray real quick if you’re not paying attention. It was trying to lead us down the mountain when we needed to go up the mountain (as you can see from the positioning of the picture – thats our hotel). Built right on the very tip-top of a mountain that overlooks the whole of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Once we checked in, we were given these really cool antique room keys. The hotel room was basic, with two beds, a bathroom, and  a wardrobe that we found out not only the TV but also the coffee maker, a safe and a refrigerator. Also, there was a rather large “settling crack” that ran the entire length of the wall. It looked almost as if the hotel had been a witness to a rather large earthquake at some point in its life span. It not only made the hotel look like it was in disrepair but it did also give it a bit of a “creepy” vibe.

Since we were only staying 1 night at this hotel, we decided to drop our bags off in the hotel room and head out to see what sort of “night life” the town had.

The short answer is, when it’s raining out, the town has zero nightlife. The town was dead because, obviously, people wanted to be inside on a cold, wet, (still winter) night. So, we explored the “night life” of Eureka Springs for a whole of 20 minutes before calling the shuttle to come pick us back up.

When we got back to the hotel, we decided to get some pizza at the “cafe/lounge” the hotel hosts on its top floor “Doctor Baker’s Lounge”. Dr. Baker being the famous doctor that did experiments on people when the hotel was a hospital. By the way, the hotel used to be a hospital and a private girls college back in the day (note, not at the same time). So, the Crescent Hotel is known for being “haunted” with the many characters that once occupied the space. After pizza, we decided to turn in because we knew that our spa appointments were really early in the morning.

The next day, on February 24th, we had our spa appointment (or rather, massage appointments) super early in the morning (okay, it was actually 9AM). So we decided to wake up at 7AM so we could get breakfast before our massages and also put our stuff in the car because check out was also pretty early. Really, I think I was just ready to go before the fun even started.


The massages were great except that my traveling companion decided she wanted to mess with her massage bed to the point that it creaked for the entire hour. If you can imagine, that’s all I heard for the whole hour was “Creak, creak, creak, creak”. Ugh, so annoying. After our [annoying and not relaxing] massages, I had had enough of Eureka Springs but my traveling companion had not. In an attempt to appease her, we tried exploring Eureka Springs again, but during the day. But yet, again, it was raining and there wasn’t really a whole lot you could do in the rain when most of what there is to see involves a lot of walking. So, we gave up. Around 1p, we headed back home.