well then

So I totally almost got fired about two weeks ago and since then I have been too busy to write about it. That department where I wrote like things felt like it was too good to be true - well, they were. I should have known better. After all the circles I have danced in, … Continue reading well then


Well half of September is going to be busy and the other half of it is going to be dead. I just realized this today after checking our schedule at work. The reason for the drastic difference in traffic is because my provider is going on vacation again so a week before he leaves, we … Continue reading september


I have really got to start doing something to work on my mental health and wellbeing because I just feel myself getting more and more anxious. More stressed. More scared. More of feeling like a failure. And largely, I really think a lot of it has to do with how I internally speak to myself. … Continue reading Queen

grad school

Today is the first official day of graduate school and the myriad of emails from the school have already started. Technically, my first class isn't until Wednesday evening and then my second class is Thursday evening. As you can probably tell, I am only going part-time for now until I can get a feel for … Continue reading grad school


I threw away my Book of Shadows and my Grimoire last night. Both books that I spent months decorating and adding research to. Why? I don't know why other than it just felt like I was playing make belief. I felt like everything I wrote down in those books were just a bunch of lies … Continue reading discontentment

Ebbs & Flow

It's been a little bit since I posted something of substance on this blog. I wish I could say I've been busy but I haven't really been busy on the scale of having a good excuse. I feel like a lot has happened since my little break. One would be that we had a pregnancy … Continue reading Ebbs & Flow